This is JUST the Beginning!

It feels like I have waited so long to come to Europe. I did live in Germany for 3 years when I was younger, but this is so much different. And living in a country is also much different to being a tourist; it allows you to soak in the true nature of the place, both the good and the bad because when you live somewhere, you are bound to come across bad days because it’s not a vacation anymore.

This is a first for me in many aspects:
-my first time in England
-my first time travelling and living on my own
-my first time working and that too as an English teacher, abroad
-my first time away from home… so so far away from home, from anyone I know, and being the only Sri Lankan in a town filled with Caucasian English people.

I have been so excited the past few weeks, ever since I got the job. It feels like a dream, and now I’m actually here…and I LOVE this place!!
The weather is perfect today. Totally amazing sea breeze. And I’m a 5 minute walk away from the pier. It’s like downtown Toronto once you are in the center of the town, where you just walk down the street and everyone is sitting at the pubs, having a pint, just saying hello.
Amazing! I really didn’t think it was going to be this good seeing how small a town it seemed to be when I researched it.
Swanage is beautiful itself. A hillside paradise, right off the English channel.
On the way here I saw the castle from the civil war known as Corfe Castle. This place is so historic, it’s as English as Britain can get. And I’m living in it. SURREAL!

My house is great. It’s an actual summer house, with 3 bedrooms. Swanage is a very popular vacation spot for the English, especially the wealthy ones because its very prestigious and historic, so summer properties populate this small town. I have a bunk bed in my room and it’s all lavender.
One of my housemates is a Scottish dude who was teaching in Spain for the last 2 years. His girlfriend will be joining us in a few weeks as well.
After getting some groceries we lounged on our patio with some beer under the hot sun.
And did I mention we have a patio with a bbq? My gawsh…I LOVE IT!! There are no words to how beautiful this house is. I am in love with it, it’s something that I would want for myself.

So the shittest part so far was getting here. I had to lug my luggage from Gatwick airport on the country train towards Swanage, which took about 4 hours because I had to transfer several trains on the way. I was tired from the plane ride (I hate flying!) and having to carry all this luggage was not helping me. Thankfully a lot of people helped me on the way.. I absolutely love the friendliness of strangers, it makes me day!

I can’t believe that it is only the day in Canada while the day is almost over here in England.


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